Simplicity Inspired

Minimalist app themes centred for a fantastic unforgettable user experience.


Cutting-edge technology integration to enhance robustness of apps.


A focus on user-centric features to ensure secure and safe apps.

Focus of Ravanas Apps


Gets the work done easily.


Never a dull moment!


Pragmatic approach to daily and specific tasks.


Brings a smile to your day.


Ravanas Pledge

Ravanas is dedicated to build great iOS and Android mobile apps that also safeguard users from any hidden fees, malicious trackers and unnecessary plugins. We aim to partake our loyalty brand in the long run and gain more followers because of what we truly believe in and work for, as we too are amongst users who want reliable apps which strictly respect user-privacy.

Our Apps

Our current apps fall in the categories of Tools, Leisure, Entertainment, Music & Audio. Find out more about our exciting upcoming apps in the Coming Soon section.

Global Users

At Ravanas, we design with Passion and a Soulful Mind.

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