Barcode Reader Integrated QR Scanner.


“ Efficient and easy to use. ” - Michele, Italy

This Barcode reader Integrated QR Scanner (shortly known as "BIQS") is THE free, super-fast, safe & reliable barcode scanner & QR code scanner app for Android, built using the latest technology! This app does its job and does it well - it scans barcodes and qr codes and allows to produce results very, very fast - no kidding! We will guarantee that. BIQS is a cool and reliable app that says strictly NO to : unwanted website re-directions, unknown spyware installations and unnecessary location access in your android devices.

When to use: Want to quickly go to a QR code link? Get exciting promotions, discounts by scanning coupons/coupon codes? Need more info or verify a product from barcode? Or are you just simply curious to find out what is encrypted in those weird black and white squares and lines?! BIQS will be your one-stop app to scan qr codes as well as barcodes!

How it works: Open the BIQS app, Press “Scan” button, Point your screen towards the qr code or barcode. Tada, and you are DONE! Yes, you can check your results quickly on the spot or later from the scan history. You could search, copy, delete or share them. It is extremely simple and easy to use. You should download and test it out to experience if what we are saying is true!

Why it is the best: We have seamlessly integrated both barcode reader and qr code scanner together and have only kept the user-friendly features. In addition, the minimalist interface of "BIQS" takes you to the desired results immediately. Also it is highly reliable and safe to download to your device since it requires only the necessary camera permission to scan qr codes and barcodes. It requires absolutely NO other permission and is totally FREE!

So fellow Android users, why wait? Download the Barcode scanner & QR code scanner app (BIQS) free for android right away!

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