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PicWic App is a free Wikipedia quick search app equipped with image recognition, built on the timeless words from Steve Jobs : "Stay hungry stay foolish".

PicWic - Your pocket guru! is dedicated to all the young learning people and the ‘curious kids’ sleeping among all the rest of us. So all the sleepy adults, let us wake up :D This app is a fun tool to educate your kids as well as to rekindle your learning spirits. Students, teachers, parents and all you folks eager to find out more about the world around in a fun way, this app will be the perfect tool. You got it!

How it works: What the user has to do is to capture or upload any picture they are interested in. The powerful artificial intelligence (AI) technology integrated into this app will quickly take you to the most relevant wikipedia article which has all the information you need. It is that simple and fast! You will be amazed at all the things you never knew about a simple thing or an every day object once you start clicking away.

Why it is the best: We have embedded efficient algorithms and a highly accurate image recognition tool to bring you the best experience. Remember your favourite teachers who imparted their knowledge to you in a memorable way? This friendly pocket guru app here will join your all-time favourites list very soon! We guarantee you that.

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